About the office

We approach each issue and issue with equal care, effort and thoughtfulness.

Mislav Bistrovic

Attorney Mislav Bistrović

founder of the office


Law office Bistrović was formed at the beginning of 2017 in Zagreb after ten years of work in national law firms. The office provides legal counseling, transaction execution and attorney representation services to local and foreign companies, institutions and organizations. We mainly deal with commercial and employment matters. We have significant experience on large and highly complex projects, as well as in providing day-to-day legal support. We approach every issue with equal attention, effort and thoughtfulness.

As professional legal advisors we continuously work on our improvement and gaining new knowledge which is necessary for keeping up with the needs of our clients. The legal services we provide are based on the methods of simplicity, promptness and precision.



Legal issues are often complex and comprised of a whole array of circumstances that need to be taken into account. Our goal is primarily to find simple solutions which permanently resolve even the most complex legal problems


Time is the most valuable commodity. We take special care not only to provide services promptly, but that our solutions can truly be realized in acceptable time frames.


We act in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession. The core and key methods of our work are thorough data processing and precision in legal problem solving.

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