Legal products, packages and services

You are looking for accessibility and predictability of legal costs – we get that. We offer legal products, packages and services with pre-defined fees and methods of calculation. Transparency in business is extremely important to us and we stick to our estimates, so that you can plan your expenditures steadily.

Contract template library

From our vast contract template library we offer fast drafting of contracts and other documents which you require urgently or are frequently used.

Our contracts are in compliance with the latest regulations and market practices, and will enable you to achieve your planned undertaking in a quick and simple manner.


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  • Real Estate: package of contracts and documents for a complete end to end realization of real estate purchase and sale.


  • Commercial contracts: business lease agreements, agency, sale and purchase, licensing, partnership, consulting, software development, copyright, transfer of receivables, construction contracts, and other contracts for commercial businesses.


  • Employment law: employment contracts, employer rulebooks, warnings and notices, all types of decisions on termination of employment contracts.


  • Start-ups: a complete set of documents for starting your first venture into business, registration at the competent court register, under the partnership agreement and the confidentiality of data (NDA).


  • Personal and family affairs: deeds of gift, lifelong support agreements, rent of apartments, marriage and pre-nuptial agreements, purchase of personal vehicle contracts etc.

Individual legal advice

You have a specific legal problem and you need professional advice on how to act.

Contact us and arrange an initial meeting in order to fully understand your situation. We offer a thorough study of your legal position and we recommend the best approach. This is also an opportunity to evaluate the costs and benefits of future cooperation with us.


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Monthly legal support

If you have need for continuous legal support of your business, or if you are seeking a temporary solution or a replacement for a member of your legal team, we can offer you a package of services tailored to your needs for a fixed monthly fee, while you can choose which combination of services you require the most.


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Full legal support:

  • includes the labor law package,
  • includes the commercial law package,
  • an attorney working on site at least one day per month,
  • unlimited phone calls and e-mails,
  • training and compliance.


Labor Law Package:

  • continuous care for accuracy and compliance of the full employment internal documentation
  • drafting all contracts, decisions, and internal acts in the field of labor law,
  • advising on processes and organization of work,
  • counseling on employment injuries, termination of employment and labor disputes.


Commercial Law Package:

  • drafting and updating all types of commercial contracts, participating in negotiations, analyzing and checking the validity of your contracts,
  • drafting the entire corporate documentation, such as sessions of the main assemblies, management or supervisory boards,
  • review, modify and draft official letters and statements.
Hourly services

Hourly services

Most law firms use the billing hour model, and so do we – when it makes sense.

In certain cases, such as conducting negotiations with another party or leading litigation, it is simply not possible to predict how much time a matter will require. In those cases, we will provide you with the best possible estimate of working hours. At any moment you can receive a detailed specification of the number of hours spent, and we ensure the billing process transparent and up-to-date.


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  • involvement in negotiations,
  • leading of litigation and disputes,
  • drafting contracts,
  • drafting of corporate documents,
  • legal risk analysis and legal opinions,
  • legal research of specific legal issues using domestic and foreign case study and professional literature.


Legal issues are often complex and comprised of a whole array of circumstances that need to be taken into account. Our goal is primarily to find simple solutions which permanently resolve even the most complex legal problems


Time is the most valuable commodity. We take special care not only to provide services promptly, but that our solutions can truly be realized in acceptable time frames.


We act in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession. The core and key methods of our work are thorough data processing and precision in legal problem solving.

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