Practice areas

Continuously providing high-end legal solutions in commercial affairs, employment matters and dispute resolution cases

Commercial law and commercial contracts

Contracts that protect against default or breach of commitments, legal solutions that guarantee business security and the protection of acquired rights.

We can provide you with legal assistance when buying, licensing, leasing, or selling products, services, or intellectual property. Our commercial contracts and legal solutions provide you with a high level of legal certainty, which reduce the chances of property losses, disputes or non-payment to a minimum. In regular day-to-day operations we help you make key business decisions, we draft the necessary documentation and execute required entries in public registers. The security of our contracts and the reliability of your rights is the first step towards further business and personal development.

  • all types of business and commercial contracts,
  • lease and rent of premises,
  • real estate business, construction consultancy, checking and verifying legal status of real estate,
  • securitization, mortgages and transfer of receivables,
  • enforcement and recovery of disputed receivables,
  • bankruptcy proceedings,
  • drafting of all corporate documents,
  • regular corporate actions, equity increases etc.,
  • public procurement consultations and drafting of complaints in public procurement procedures,
  • software development and licensing agreements.

Employment and labor law

Controlling the work process, complying with regulations and minimizing employment dispute risks

In the field of labor law, we have been advising a number of large and medium-sized employers, trade unions and numerous workers for many years. Our legal solutions enable employers to keep in constant compliance, control over the conditions and work process, minimize legal risks and quickly resolve labor disputes. If you are an employee and feel your rights have been violated, contact us and find out exactly what your legal position is and what steps you can take immediately. The basic requirement for the success of any organization is the satisfaction of employers and employees with the process and conditions of work, and this is precisely the goal we want to contribute to.

  • employing and termination of employment,
  • drafting internal acts and employment rules,
  • advising on the work of foreigners,
  • advising on work abroad,
  • out-of-court settlements of labor disputes,
  • monitoring regulations in the field of labor law,
  • education of managers and employees,
  • collective agreements and collective bargaining.

Intellectual property, data protection, personality rights and trade secrets

Protection of personal data, personality rights and trade secrets increase the value of your company and ensures lasting security of doing business.

Regulations and procedures relating to the protection of personal data and protection of personality are becoming more and more complex. We can help you better understand how to apply the existing regulations in your operations, and especially how to use the same knowledge to improve your business. At the same time, protecting the company name, personal name, dignity, equal treatment, and business secrets becomes an increasingly important factor in the life of any company, organization or individual. By collaborating on these issues, we build the highest level of quality, efficiency and legal security for all your business processes.

  • registration of trademarks,
  • protection of trademarks and copyright,
  • advising and drafting internal acts related to the protection of personal data (GDPR),
  • advising and drafting internal documents related to the protection of the dignity of employees,
  • protection of the company’s business and personal name from media publications or other forms of injuries to your reputation,
  • protection against discrimination or other forms of unequal treatment in the public or private sector,
  • advising and drafting internal acts related to the protection of whistleblowers and persons who point out irregularities and illegalities in business,
  • consulting, drafting internal acts and contracts for the protection of confidential data and business secrets (NDA).

Litigation and trial representation

Leading complex and high stakes litigation, objective risk assessment, cost guarantee and predictability, promptness and clear strategy.

For us, litigation and trials represent the most challenging part of our attorney profession. For many years we have enthusiastically been leading the most difficult and complicated disputes in areas of commercial, labor and administrative law.

Dispute resolution is a very demanding job that requires understanding not only the law but also the wider picture, including how the dispute affects your business goals and priorities. If a peaceful resolution of the dispute is not possible, then we work together with you on preparation and analysis in order to balance the costs, advantages and risks of a particular dispute. Before starting each dispute, we give you an estimate of the cost of the procedure, and we introduce you in detail with the strategy of conflict management. During the process, we inform you of all actions taken and possible changes to the final outcome assessment.

  • dispute analysis and success chance evaluation,
  • determining a dispute resolution strategy,
  • representation before civil and commercial courts,
  • representation in administrative disputes,
  • representation in civil-offence proceedings,
  • representation in non-litigious proceedings,
  • representation in arbitration proceedings.


Legal issues are often complex and comprised of a whole array of circumstances that need to be taken into account. Our goal is primarily to find simple solutions which permanently resolve even the most complex legal problems


Time is the most valuable commodity. We take special care not only to provide services promptly, but that our solutions can truly be realized in acceptable time frames.


We act in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession. The core and key methods of our work are thorough data processing and precision in legal problem solving.

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